Saturday, 24 January 2009


1x03 Saving Grace
"You can't smite your way into Luke's heart." Yep, dialogue doesn't get any better than this.
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Eurovision: Your Country Needs You
Episode 4 (of 5)
It's the semi-final! Already! Considering how most TV 'talent' contests sprawl out to the length of an American TV season these days, I suppose we should be thankful that this is so incredibly -- and, let's be honest, mercifully -- short.
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Friday Night With Jonathan Ross
16x01 (23/1/09 edition)
Hurrah, he's back! With a pleasantly long opening applause from the audience and, if you ask me, just the right degree of apologising and making light of things. Sachs' family can sod right off at this point. Asking Tom Cruise about breaking wind clearly shows he's not toned it back completely (even if, at times like that, I'd rather he had). All things considered, a fairly triumphant return, if you ask me.
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Gilmore Girls
5x18 To Live and Let Diorama
Woah, sudden-time-jump-catch-up-with-events-through-snatches-of-conversation-tastic! A technique that should not be done too often, I feel -- I seriously thought we'd accidentally skipped an episode.

Part 1 (of 2)
Part 2 (of 2)
The pair of detectives from Five Days are back -- there just part of a large ensemble cast, here the leads in a new mystery. Quite what inspired this I don't know, but inspired it is, because Hugh Bonneville and Janet McTeer are brilliant, and thankfully devoid of most cop show cliches (he shaves! he drives a proper modern car! and so on). The story itself is also suitably unusual. Pray a full series follows.
On an incredibly trivial note, the title credits were very swish -- especially the lovely bit where, after the lead's names, it said "Return"... which then 'unscrambled' itself into "Hunter". Cleverness!
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Sutherland: '24 movie may be set in UK' by Lara Martin
(from Digital Spy)
Says star Kiefer Sutherland, "we didn't have a really strong audience, it took us a long time to build in the States, whereas the show took off [in Britain] right away... It was the success of the show here in England that allowed us to continue working in the States, until we built up an audience... When we have talked about doing a film, which will take place after the series has finished, England has always been a part of that discussion." Whoo!
Also in this article: "The eighth and final season is scheduled to begin filming later this year." "Final"? Hadn't heard that before. I knew an eighth was commissioned, but that by no means it's "final" -- most US TV is commissioned year-by-year anyhow. As DS cites no sources, and they're hardly the world's (or even the country's) greatest journalists, I'll take this with a pinch of salt til I see confirmation.

Sachs's daughter blasts Jonathan Ross by Daniel Kilkelly
(from Digital Spy)
Sachs doesn't like Ross; but he's moved on. His family can't seem to let go. Please, your time in the limelight is over, so just sod off you stupid cow.