Monday, 14 September 2009


Doctor Who: Greatest Moments
Part 3 The Enemies [final episode]

How I Met Your Mother
1x05 Okay Awesome
I never did find out if the late-night repeats were uncut, but this is where I switch to watching them, just in case. Good timing though, because this episode was easily the best one yet: cleverly written, with Character Development and A Message to boot, and, most importantly, very funny.


Great Movies: The First 100 by Roger Ebert
For those who don't know, Ebert does a weekly series of reviews where he highlights the Greatest Movies Ever Made (in his opinion, obviously). Here's a piece he published on reaching the 100th entry in this series, which is actually a beautiful argument for why we should all broaden our filmic horizons. Such things can often be preachy or held back by the author clearly hating the mainstream too much, but not so Ebert, who is well-reasoned and acknowledges that "some of the big hits are good, and a few of them are great". He's simply evangelical about film and a great writer. An inspiring read.

Pirates 4 Sails Stranger Tides by Owen Williams
(from Empire)
I knew the title On Stranger Tides rang a bell -- I'd heard of it being one of the inspirations for The Secret of Monkey Island before. This news makes me a great deal more excited about the film, I must say.

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