Tuesday, 6 January 2009


The Diary of Anne Frank
Part 2 (of 5)
Despite an excellent cast all doing great work, Ellie Kendrick still shines as Anne (born in 1990, she's actually playing much younger as the 13-year-old titular girl). Her agent obviously did a good job getting her an "Introducing..." credit too, considering she's been in Waking the Dead, Doctors, Lewis, and the final Prime Suspect.
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Doctor Who: The Writer's Tale by Russell T Davies & Benjamin Cook
Chapters Three - Five
This book is really brilliant. In today's reading, Russell begins to write Starship Titanic -- or, as it will eventually be renamed, Voyage of the Damned, the Kylie-starring 2007 Christmas special. Packed with script excerpts (seems to be most of the first draft, in fact; quite possibly every last word of it), it's amazing to see how close this initial vision is to the final product -- having seen the episode a couple of times myself, I wouldn't argue if you told me what we read in these chapters was the final shooting script.