Friday, 11 June 2010


Friday Night With Jonathan Ross
18x19 (4/6/10 edition)
I'm not sure why I keep linking to for Wossy episodes -- their editor for this section is clearly a bit of a dick.
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How I Met Your Mother
5x03 Robin 101
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all 11 Doctors in a box

Ever since Character began doing classic series action figures, this is the one box set I've been dying to get my hands on.

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All 11 Doctors' action figures in one presentation box. Beautiful.

The fact I already own most of them is irrelevant; besides, at least they've gone to the effort of making some a variant -- celery-sticked 5th Doctor (at last!) is perhaps the most obvious example; the 7th is now hatless (and brown-coated, though he was in the TARDIS set too); the 3rd, 4th Doctors are also different (or "slightly different", depending which versions you already own); the 6th may also have a slightly different costume, while the 10th is specs-on version (which, when they released so damn many 10th-era box sets with him, is hardly uncommon). Plus the 8th Doctor is new, and, as far as I'm concerned, I only recently got the Unearthly Child 1st Doctor so this is a big variant; plus I never got the 2nd and have yet to get an 11th.

Ah, the life of a collector.

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The set's due out in August. RRP is £49.99 but obviously the Forbidden Planets have discounts. Cheaper of the two is -- only 50p on the page, but standard p&p is a whole £3 less than .com, a good saving in my book.