Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Agatha Christie's Marple
5x01 The Pale Horse
A Bank Holiday means ITV trot out a Marple; one that was probably filmed half a decade ago, knowing them. It's also not adapted from a Marple story, as per about half the episodes (it seems).
[Watch it (again) on ITV Player.]


Review: CLiNT Magazine #1 by Danny Graydon
(from Bleeding Cool)

Review of Mark Millar's attempt to bring comics back to the British mainstream -- essentially, by packaging a few that are either written by star-studded names or tied to successful movies in which a bunch of lad's mag content. Hopefully it has potential -- the basic idea of selling comics into the mainstream has legs -- but it sounds like a faltering start.

Of course, the alternative perspective is that all the lad's mag twaddle that doesn't appeal to people with taste who already enjoy comics will appeal to the kind of people who don't read comics but might be persuaded to, and so it'll hit that market right on the nose, while comics fans will buy it and ignore the laddish bits. What you're still missing are the audience who aren't adverse to comics but have grown beyond the level of a particularly filthy 13-year-old boy.

Maybe if CLiNT's a success someone will try another new magazine aimed at them. Fingers crossed.