Tuesday, 11 August 2009


You Have Been Watching
1x06 (11/8/09 edition)


Bond Bombshell by Nev Pierce
(from the Empire Blog)
Empire suggest a female director for the next Bond film. More intelligently reasoned than that headline might suggest.

Facebook in challenge to Google by Maggie Shiels
(from BBC News)
It might not sound like it when you read the story, but apparently this is a Big Development.

John Hughes Documentary Picked Up by Owen Williams
(from Empire)
"Matt Austin-Sadowski's Don't You Forget About Me, a modest documentary about a road-trip in search of the reclusive John Hughes was, until last week, attracting scant attention. But the sad news of Hughes' death prompted a sudden flurry of interest in the independently produced Canadian film, and a large US distribution deal is in the offing,"
Ah Hollywood -- tactful and quick to cash in as ever.

Leterrier's dream: An Avengers epic told in four films over one summer by Geoff Boucher
(from Hero Complex at the Los Angeles Times)
An interesting interview with the Incredible Hulk director, who has some unusual ideas about what to do next at Marvel.