Monday, 7 June 2010


The Graham Norton Show
7x08 (31/5/10 edition)
"Oh no," I thought, before commencing this episode, "Chris Rock and Joshua Jackson? This is going to be dire." But no, it turned out to be rather good. File me under 'surprised'.
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Have I Got News For You
39x09 (3/6/10; extended repeat) [season finale]
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Final Destination (2000)
[#59 in 100 Films in a Year 2010]


After Long Sojourn, Silent Films Return Home by Dave Kehr
(from the New York Times)
To summarise the article in a more reader-friendly fashion than that headline, 75 'lost' Hollywood silent movies have been found in New Zealand, including some made by or starring notable names like John Ford and Clara Bow. Many are now being returned to the US for restoration. All of which is fantastic news.

International partnership secures new series of Torchwood
(from Torchwood Official Website)
I've chosen this BBC press release to cover the news because most of the US reports focus on it being a Starz series, ignoring the fact it (seems to be, anyway) primarily a BBC One series that Starz have expensively bought the rights to.