Tuesday, 1 June 2010


How I Met Your Mother
5x01 Definitions
Although I only finished watching season four three months ago, it feels an age thanks to having blasted through the first four seasons in one six-month stint. ("Six months" sounds a long time for a "stint", but we're talking 88 episodes here.) So, yes, it's nice to have it back, though slightly odd to return to watching it only weekly rather than whenever.
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Stephen Fry on Wagner
Unfailingly interesting, as per usual -- Stephen Fry is consistently proving himself to be a very good documentary maker/host. Which, I suppose, is no surprise.
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A space odyssey of the mind by Jon Kelly
(from BBC News Magazine)
Six would-be astronauts will this week begin a 520-day mock space voyage to simulate a mission to Mars. How will they cope with the huge psychological pressures?
An intriguing idea, but it will be interesting to see if they can last the full 520 days. Doing something like this in some Russian hangar is very different to actually going to space.

Homer Simpson voted greatest TV character by Morgan Jeffery
(from Digital Spy)
No surprise there, really, though others in the top five -- Buffy, Tony Soprano -- are more surprising/welcome. And Harry Potter's there, of course. Though it's a little depressing that Spongebob Squarepants has made the top ten.

Why the Digital Economy Act simply won't work by Cory Doctorow
(from Digital rights, digital wrongs at guardian.co.uk)
If only the government, etc, would listen, rather than pushing on with this nasty piece of legislation.