Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Battlestar Galactica [2004]
Miniseries Part 1 (of 2)
Miniseries Part 2 (of 2)
Here I go, at last -- only 6½ years after it was first on and 9 months after buying the Blu-ray, I'm finally commencing perhaps the greatest TV series ever made. Does it top The Wire? And/or Everything Else Ever Made Ever? Based on the evidence of these opening three hours -- which play more like an epic movie (albeit with series-launching cliffhanger) than a two-part miniseries, if you ask me -- there's a good chance it might.

1x06 Episode 6 [season finale]
So, that's that then. Not sure if another series is a good idea; even less sure if it's going to happen. We'll see I suppose.
One thing I did rather like about Luther, by-the-by, is how they cut their "next time" trailer (and, in the finale, the episode's closing moments) in amongst the end credits, thereby circumventing the BBC guidelines that are designed to allow that irritating shrinking thing that means you can't see everyone's names. Well done, Luther production team, very clever. I bet the BBC modify their guidelines to stop anyone copying.
[Watch it (again) in HD on iPlayer.]


Back to Future, Jurassic Park to become games by Derrik J. Lang
(from Google News)
You'd assume they'd be ultra-mainstream action-y titles, wouldn't you... but they're actually coming from Telltale, the company behind such point-and-click-esque adventure games as Sam and Max and Tales of Monkey Island. So will they be that style, or something new for the company? It would lend itself to Back to the Future, but what about Jurassic Park? How do you do the dino-fighting action? Or is that out the window in favour of Plot? Only time will tell.

Major Indy 5 News: Bermuda Triangle, the last of Harrison Ford
(from Sci Fi Wire)
I know I'm in the minority, but I thought Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was pretty entertaining. That said, this next adventure does sound more promising -- a more supernatural MacGuffin (though they could go sci-fi with it if they wanted, of course) and, perhaps, a degree of abandonment for CGI (which was overdone in Crystal Skull).

Russell T Davies Talks About Torchwood Series 4 and Doctor Who Series 31 (video)
(from Gallifreyan Embassy)
The post-announcement news-dribble continues with another RTD interview. More repetition and reassurances, as you'd expect. Also worth watching for the mildly amusing pronunciation of "John Barrowman".