Tuesday, 2 November 2010


3x11 (26/10/10 edition)
Coincidentally, this evening we learn via Marcus Brigstocke's twitter that Argumental has been cancelled. Shame -- I really rather liked it, especially as it was somewhat different from the identikit form of most comedy panel shows.
There's one of those online petitions to get it uncancelled here. At the time of posting, it's ratcheting up signatures at a rate of knots.

1x04 Welcome to Colditz
Apt title, as we finally have an episode set almost entirely inside the prison. Though it begins with a lengthy (too lengthy, to be honest) sequence with another escaped prisoner. All looks set for a fourth 'first' episode, but no -- after his capture we don't see him 'til a brief, silent arrival much later in the episode. Who is he? Mysterious. Unless you recognise the actor.
In the main plot, there's another new arrival, as the British offers are delivered a new CO. Why? Not sure. But it makes for a plot, so, super.
I don't mean to sound like I'm doing Colditz down though -- it's fantastically well done; in particular, this episode and the preceding one are both excellent hours of TV. I hope it continues in such a vein.

Just Good Friends
1x03 Let's Spend the Night Together

7x04 Massage Therapy

1x05 Episode 5
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