Tuesday, 5 August 2008

"those using Microsoft Windows are vulnerable"

from Hi-tech criminals target Twitter (from BBC News):

"Micro blogging site Twitter is the latest target of cyber criminals who are increasingly finding fertile ground on social networks[...]

It comes as Kaspersky also releases details about two worms that target social networking sites MySpace and Facebook. More variants of these worms are also starting to turn up. The worms transformed victims' machines into zombie computers, used by criminals to send spam, launch phishing attacks and harvest data[...]

Only those using Microsoft Windows are vulnerable to infection from these malicious programs."

Go go !

(That's the Apple symbol again, incidentally.)

Days in New York...


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1x01 Pilot (aka Get Me a Lawyer) [2nd watch]
1x02 Jesus, Mary and Joe Cocker [2nd watch]
Is Damages as good second time round? Oh yes! It's just a shame the DVD is so poorly designed. Most US shows see fit to put no more than four 42-minute episodes on a disc; Damages has squeezed four 42-minute episodes and a 54-minute one onto its first disc! This is especially stupid considering disc two contains a normal four 42-minute episodes and disc three averages out at four 45-minute ones. There's a notable dent in image quality thanks to this, which is mildly distracting. Still, it's a damn fine programme.


Do they really think the earth is flat? by Brendan O'Neill
(from BBC News)
Would you believe, there are still some people who genuinely believe the world is flat? Apparently so! But then, there are still plenty of people who don't believe in evolution, so what do you expect?

Microsoft sees end of Windows era
(from BBC News)
Interesting news piece on Microsoft's plans for what to replace the increasingly-dated Windows format of OSs with. Also includes the fantastically clause-ridden sentence, "I would be surprised if there was definitive evidence that nothing like this was not kicking around" -- ah, the loss of meaning!

Review of The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
(from Empire Online)
It just opened at #2 in the US, behind a third week for The Dark Knight, and reviews like this reveal why. Empire don't expect it to be some meaningful artistic film, just a fun blockbuster, and unfortunately it comes up short in that respect. Oh dear.


I've just discovered the Apple symbol in normal fonts:  (It's Option+Shift+K -- at least, it is on Macs -- for anyone interested in repeating the process.)

But, the real question is, will it be visible to those without a Mac? Without a normal PC here to test for myself, I have no idea.