Friday, 3 December 2010


2x11 Chameleon
As the Allies approach and German defeat seems increasingly inevitable, Major Mohn finally gives up hope in the Third Reich and tries to strike deals to save his own skin. Of course, as the most hated man in Colditz, he soon finds he has no friends -- indeed, only outright enemies -- on both sides. A long-awaited tearing down ensues, though it seems he has escaped... for now...

The Event
1x07 I Know Who You Are
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The Graham Norton Show
8x05 (26/11/10 edition)
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Robert's Web
1x01 (26/11/10 edition)
New Internet-based comedy -- a panel show without any panels, if you will -- hosted by Robert Webb. Do you see what they've done with the title? Do you?
Yes, well, the show itself is better than that.
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Disney will set sail for Pirates of the Caribbean 5 & 6 back-to-back by Drew McWeeny
(from Motion Captured at HitFix)
Because that produced such high-quality cinematic delights last time round. On the other hand, they did make a ton of cash.