Saturday, 1 May 2010


Doctor Who
31x05 Flesh and Stone
Well, that was excellent. It seems knee-jerk to say so soon after it's aired, but I can well see that shooting to the top of Best Story Ever lists. It deserves to, anyway. Though I reckon that final bedroom scene is going to get complaints...
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Doctor Who Confidential
5x05 Blinded by the Light
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The Mentalist
2x11 Rose-Colored Glasses
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Over the Rainbow
Show 7
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You Have Been Watching
2x03 (29/4/10 edition)
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Don't be persuaded to vote tactically by Laura Newton
(from this is
For too long Labour and the Conservatives have relied on persuading voters to vote tactically in Exeter as if voting for the lesser of two evils, in some kind of mythical 'two horse race'. I am delighted that people are really waking up to this age-old political manipulation and actually voting for the party they instinctively support the most (no matter who that may be).