Sunday, 24 May 2009


Robot Chicken
Robot Chicken: Star Wars [special]
Everyone knows that Family Guy did a great big George Lucas-approved Star Wars spoof (right)? What slightly fewer people know (due to it being on some obscure channel) is that Robot Chicken also did one. And they did it first. I think. Anyway, this is that.
Which was funnier? It's been so long since I saw Family Guy's (before this blog began) that I honestly wouldn't like to say, but they're notably different -- Family Guy retells A New Hope, while this contains sketches about the whole series.


Glory (1989)
[#28 in 100 Films in a Year 2009]


Yet more on Tarantino's latest today...

Early Buzz: Inglourious Basterds by Peter Sciretta
(from /film)
More review summaries? Yes, but this is a nicely concise and varied example. Stand-out comment: "well worth watching and admirably ambitious and single-minded... Inglourious Basterds will split viewers." You only need to read the article to see how much it already has.

Tarantino Heading Back into the Editing Room with Basterds by Alex Billington
"Before its premiere, the running time was one of the most talked about aspects of the film. It was listed at 2 hours 40 minutes, but it actually only played roughly 2 hours 28 minutes. Most people are instantly assuming that some of the negative criticism stems from its length and are saying that Tarantino needs to trim it down. On the contrary, though, it felt like it was missing a few key scenes...
Universal wants Tarantino to return "to the editing room post-Cannes to make some trims edits that might include adding a scene, says Tarantino." He also reminds us that the current run time is "well under his contractual final cut length of 2 hours 48 minutes.""