Friday, 23 April 2010


1x10 Dial M for Mother [season finale]
And that's that for the first season of Archer. It's great fun so I'll miss it considerably. Luckily, a longer second season is already in the works.
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Friday Night With Jonathan Ross
18x12 (16/4/10 edition)
[Watch it (again) in HD on iPlayer.]

You Have Been Watching
2x02 (22/4/10 edition)
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Doctor Who: The return of the Weeping Angels by Steven Moffat
(from BBC tv blog)
Who's head honcho on how one of the series' scariest villains are back... but different.

Election debate TV ratings: 4.1m watch leaders' tussle by Jason Deans
Under half the number who watched the first debate last week. Have people lost interest already? Or was it because it was buried on digital channels? I suspect the latter, but only time -- i.e. next week's debate on BBC One -- will tell.
Also of interest: despite ostensibly being 'The Sky News Debate', it was simulcast on six digital TV channels, repeated later on BBC Two, broadcast on Radio 4, and available from a variety of online sources. The number of people who actually watched it on Sky News was just 2.1 million, which is almost certainly under half the people watching (that 4.1 million leaves out three TV channels, online sources, and Radio 4).

First 3D TV goes on sale in the UK by Andrew Laughlin
(from Digital Spy)
Matt Rajah, who has more money than sense, was first in the queue
(I may have rewritten that slightly...)