Thursday, 7 January 2010


10 Minute Tales
Episode 1 Deep & Crisp & Even
Episode 5 Statuesque
A series of eleven dialogue-free short films, most with famous stars (and/or crew) that Sky1 aired over the Christmas period. As one might expect from a concept that sounds quite arty, they can be a bit ambiguous and not always wholly satisfactory; but the constraints also allow imagination to flourish -- Deep & Crisp & Even, for example, has several lovely ideas that are beautifully realised through well-applied special effects.
(I set this on my V+ box while I was away. Unfortunately it mucked up and I've missed one. Shame.)

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How I Met Your Mother
3x13 Ten Sessions
3x14 The Bracket
Ten Sessions is an exceptionally good episode, particularly it's single-shot climax. (Not that The Bracket is bad, that is.)

Wallander [Swedish]
1x08 Fotografen (aka The Photographer)