Sunday, 2 November 2008


The Sarah Jane Adventures
2x05 Secrets of the Stars Part One

7x01 Sharpe's Peril Part 1

7x01 New Allegiances
A sneaky bit of PR in the run up to this series means that the opening episode regains Spooks' ability to be genuinely surprising, something that went increasingly awry as the show became increasingly far-fetched.

Top Gear
12x01 (2/11/08 edition)
Absolutely hilarious, as usual.


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince International Trailer
Not officially released yet, though this is surprisingly good quality for a leak. Anyhow, it looks like it could be quite good. Order of the Phoenix (that was the last one) was well directed by David Yates (who returns for Half-Blood Prince, as well as the final two films, Deathly Hallows Parts 1 and 2) but let down by a script that sometimes felt like a very long "Previously on Harry Potter..." recap of the novel. That was written by a different screenwriter though -- hopefully the return of Steve Kloves means something more akin to Goblet of Fire (that was the fourth one), which managed to abbreviate the lengthy novel sensibly.

Valkyrie Trailer
Looks pretty dismal if you ask me.


Comic Book Virgin: Watching the Watchmen
The Comic Book Virgin Reads Watchmen, both by Isabelle Burtan
Someone who's never read a comic, never mind Watchmen, sees the film's trailer for the first time (some of her guesses are amusingly wrong if you know the story), and then reads the novel itself. Be warned that her thoughts on the later contain a considerable number of spoilers. Other than that, they're quite interesting.

Neil Gaiman exclusive! Part 1 & Part 2 by Jayne Nelson
(from SFX)
Personally, I didn't get a great deal from part one, but part two was nice. (For part three, see here.)

Okay, I've Read Watchmen. What's Next? by Dusty Harbin
Who'd've thought something as dense as Watchmen could be a 'gateway drug' to the medium? But it seems it is, and has seen some simply amazing sales since the trailer debuted. Here, a comic shop owner succinctly (read: short article) gives some useful suggestions on where to look next.

The Dark Knight Meets Superman