Sunday, 24 August 2008


Beijing 2008 Olympics: Closing Ceremony
I'm still not convinced that the Chinese should have the Olympics -- apparently, according to some commentators, the human rights issues seem "long ago" now. Idiots. Anyway, it was lower key than the stunning opening ceremony, but in an of itself you'd never describe it as "low key". Best bit? Boris Johnson, of course. Boris Johnson is always the best bit. The Memory Tower was pretty impressive, though Zhang Yimou's work is somewhat undermined by his recent criticisms of the West actually having human rights. (Watched on the BBC, what with now being back in the UK.)

3x03 Towards Zero [1st half]
ITV's scheduling of its Marples and Poirots is decidedly odd -- it has at least four of the latter completed but unbroadcast (the last was shown about two years ago), while this Marple premiered in Canada in February 2007, but only just aired here the other week. There's another episode (Nemesis) that also aired in Canada back then, and in Finland (Finland!) in January to boot, as well as Australia, and probably others, which they still haven't scheduled for the UK. They're an odd lot at ITV... (Additionally, these are the last two episodes starring Geraldine McEwan, who has been replaced by Julia McKenzie -- perhaps ITV are just trying to delay the change-over?)


Hot Shots! (1991)
I've seen Hot Shots! before, though I couldn't say how many times. The last was years ago though, and I've grown up, which seems to have dulled its humour considerably. There are still some funny bits at least.