Friday, 3 October 2008


The Riches
2x06 Dead Caelm
The Riches has now been officially cancelled. Bollocks.


Another Way to Die (video) by Jack White & Alicia Keys
OK, so it's been floating around on the net for days (especially after it received its US premiere on Monday), but rather than watching it in some crappy blocky streaming window I've held out til now to catch it on TV (where it premiered on Channel 4 under an hour ago). I say "held out" -- I'm hardly good at getting round to watching things. But still... It's all rather uninspired, to be honest, and feels like it could do with some clips from the film to give it a good kick up the arse. More so than any other theme, this one seems designed to fit with a title sequence, so it's a bit odd when attached to such a lacklustre video. I still like the song mind.


The 500 Greatest Movies Of All Time by Simon Braund, Glen Ferris, Ian Freer, Nev Pierce, Chris Hewitt, Dan Jolin, Ian Nathan, Kim Newman, Helen O'Hara, Olly Richards & Owen Willams
(from Empire #233, p.88-172)
Today: 133-101. Next up, the Important Bit -- The Top 100!

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