Saturday, 3 April 2010


Chris Moyles' Quiz Night
2x06 (2/4/10 edition)

Have I Got News For You
39x01 (1/4/10 edition; extended repeat)
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Don't be fooled by the hype: This crime against cinema is twisted, cynical, and revels in the abuse of childhood by Christopher Tookey
(from Mail Online)
The Mail's single-star review of the excellent Kick-Ass -- as usual with a Mail article, this is so ridiculous it's just funny. It affirms my long-held view that the lower-rated the Mail's review, the better the film. Still, it's worrying how some people think.


The Kitchin

I don't normally highlight what I eat -- obviously -- but I think going to a Michelin-starred restaurant (especially for the first time) counts as a cultural experience.

It was very nice, thank you very much.