Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Mad Men
1x11 Indian Summer [2nd watch]

The One Show
(24/2/09 edition)
Featuring Patrick Stewart bravely facing down a stream of Star Trek references, while simultaneously being far, far too clever for the presenters (or, I think, the crew) to understand. Only the ever-wonderful Hardeep Singh Kohli came close to him.
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Articles: Watchmen reviews

Today sees the first proper reviews of Watchmen coming in (it's out a week Friday), and here's a summary of a few of 'em...

from CHUD.com by Devin Faraci
The longest and most in-depth review, which is why I've popped it at the top. Mainly aimed at people familiar with the book, I think, so perhaps best to skip it if you haven't. On the other hand, in its completeness it's possibly the best of all these reviews (certainly the most positive), and the truly spoilertastic bits have to be highlighted to be read.

from Empire by Ian Nathan
Some have said this review sounds too negative for the 4 stars awarded. Pay attention and read between the lines, though, and it's clear that Nathan enjoyed the film but is explaining why it hasn't hit 5 stars more than why it's made it up to 4. "A smart, stylish, decent adaptation, if low on accessibility for the non-convert."

from Total Film by Jonathan Crocker
'The Other Film Magazine', as I call it, give an equally favourable review. "Uncompromising, uncommercial and unique."

from Times Online by Kevin Maher
Favourable again (most are at the minute, though we'll reach a dissenter soon) -- "a movie that is reaching utterly beyond the confines of its genre." Though he does try to claim it's "the first attempt to make a truly post-adolescent comic book movie". Firstly, he means "superhero movie"; secondly, I'm not convinced it is.

from Mirror.co.uk by Steve Anglesey
"10 reasons you’ve got to watch Watchmen", which makes for a different perspective. Interestingly, lists the sex scene as the #2 reason to see the film, while everyone else dislikes it. Including our final review for the day...

from News of the World by Robbie Collin
Remember that dissenter? Well, here he is. Is he right? Well, I don't know, obviously, but the review itself sounds as braindead as you'd expect from this paper. With both Empire and Total Film -- and an increasing array of others -- disagreeing, I'd wager he's as stupid as he sounds.

For a comprehensive, constantly updated summary, you must of course keep your eyes glued to Rotten Tomatoes. As I post this there are far too few reviews for a definitive Tomatometer score, but it's a solid start nonetheless.

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Watchmen news from today here.


25 Greatest Active Film Directors
(from EW.com)
An unusual list. Yes, lots of them definitely deserve their place, but some probably don't. And is that the right order? At the very least, it makes for an interesting read.

Ratings: Oscars up, Dollhouse down by Mandi Bierly
(from EW.com)
Yay for those big awards; oh dear (already) for Joss Whedon's latest effort. Apparently it's not so good anyhow.

Plus, two stories about a certain huge film that's just on the horizon...

Watchmen World Premiere Report by Emily Phillips
(from Empire)
In London! Yeah baby! And wouldya look at that red yellow carpet...

Zack Snyder says Watchmen DVD will be 3 hours 25 minutes! by Steve 'Frosty' Weintraub
(from Collider.com)
Some fairly concrete details on the long-confirmed (double meaning there!) Watchmen DVD releases. Essentially, we should get the Director's Cut in the first DVD/Blu-ray release, and the 'Ultimate Cut' (the DC with Tales of the Black Freighter and a tad more live action footage) later in '09. Sounds just super to me.

Also today in articles, the first few reviews for Watchmen. Check them out here.