Monday, 25 August 2008


Big Cat Week
2x01 (3/1/2005 edition)
Or Big Cat Diary 7x01, depending on how you want to look at it. Who'd've though a simple BBC wildlife series would have complex season/episode numbering issues? It'll be even worse when the 2008 series starts, cos they've changed the name back to Diary. Does that make it Big Cat Diary 7x01 this year, skipping the three Weeks; or is it 10x01, despite 6, 7 & 8 being Weeks? More importantly, why do I care? (I've gone with 2x01 here, incidentally, because it is technically Week series two, and is labelled as such on the DVD I'm watching from. So there.)

Dragons' Den
6x06 (25/8/08 edition)

Edinburgh Military Tattoo
Or, at least, bits of it.

3x03 Towards Zero [2nd half]

1x01 Episode 1 [2nd watch]
1x02 Episode 2 [2nd watch]
BBC Three are repeating this excellent half-improvised sitcom about parenting, ahead of a second series on BBC One sometime in the future. You really should watch it, it's great.

5x05 The Message


Sci Fi sinks SG Atlantis by Tim Surette
Stargate reopens new Universe by Tim Surette
Could the Stargate franchise finally be dead? As it turns out, no, of course it isn't.

Tropic film holds on to top spot
(from BBC News)
The Dark Knight battles on, sitting in 4th place this weekend behind Tropic Thunder (in only its second week) and two new releases -- and only $5.8m behind #1 too. But this particular article is worth reading because, thanks to poor writing, it implies Titanic took $601m this weekend.