Monday, 13 April 2009


Nature's Great Events
Part 4 The Great Tide
Despite some heavy similarities with the final episode, this is still a spectacular edition. And when it's those movie-action-sequence-esque bait-ball bits that are being repeated, I don't mind in the slightest.

Orangutan Diary
2x05 Episode 5
Despite this penultimate episode of the wildlife series airing almost three weeks ago, complete with a "next time" trail promising a resolution to the series, the BBC have only just scheduled a first airing for episode six. (Next Sunday, if you're interested.) Oddly, they still list the series as having 10 episodes. No explanation for that one.

3x03 Episode 3
An episode of two halves, the first a light, fluffy, infinitely silly romp, the second dark and arc-plot heavy. It's a very odd disjunct, and feels a bit like the makers have tried to combine those two opposites in the way that Doctor Who does, but instead of blending them have just stuck them next to each other. It also featured a Very Significant Event... which, thanks to appalling ratings, will surely come as a shock to casual viewers who skip this one.
[Watch it (again) on ITV Player.]


Predator 2 (1990)
[#17 in 100 Films in a Year 2009]


Huge audiences for Talent, Who by Neil Wilkes
(from Digital Spy)
"The first of this year's Doctor Who specials, Planet Of The Dead, was seen by a respectable 8.41m (39.6%) on BBC One. [It] was the first episode of Who to be simulcast in HD on BBC HD, where it was seen by 184k (1%).
Primeval, meanwhile, shed over 1.5m in its head-to-head battle with Who. This week's episode, which saw one of the major characters killed off, averaged a disappointing 2.71m (14.3%)."
Chances for a fourth year of Primeval aren't look too rosy then.

Games: Wii

Had my first-ever proper go on a Wii today.

It's easy to see why it's proved so popular, as it's a great deal of fun, especially when you have other people to play with. A quick go on Wii Fit (dull and preachy) was followed by some multiplayer Wii Sports. I started the Bowling abysmally, scoring just 7 in the first round against proper scores from my Wii-versed family members, but soon got the hang of it and stormed to a 40-point-lead victory. I like Bowling.

Conclusion: I want a Wii. Can't say much better than that.