Monday, 24 May 2010


1x20 The Negotiation
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The Mentalist
2x14 Blood In, Blood Out
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Shrek Shrinks with Fourth Movie by Brandon Gray
(from Box Office Mojo)

Shrek Forever After debuted far, far below the mighty starts of some of its predecessors, grossing an estimated $71.3 million on approximately 9,500 screens, the broadest launch ever for an animated movie.
Shrek the Third still holds the record for highest-grossing animated opening with $121.6 million, followed by Shrek 2 and The Simpsons Movie. Shrek Forever After ranks fourth on that list, although, in terms of estimated attendance, it would barely make the Top 20... opening 41 percent lower than last movie despite the 3D ticket price boost was alarmingly severe. In terms of attendance, the slip was even more extreme: down 59 percent.

More details and analysis at the link. I like that 3D may be to blame.