Saturday, 24 July 2010


The Mentalist
2x23 Red Sky in the Morning [season finale]
Another season over, another smidgen closer to Red John. But only a smidgen, of course.
[Watch it (again) on Demand Five.]

Would I Lie To You?
4x01 (23/7/10 edition)
When last series' opener aired, I suggested Would I Lie To You? was buried on a Monday and should be moved to Friday nights. Well, lookee where it is now! Job well done.
[Watch it (again) on iPlayer.]


Why Sherlock is still sleuthing by Tim Masters
(from BBC News)
Quote-packed piece on why a 123-year-old literary detective is still so popular today -- and it is particularly relevant, what with two new stage productions, a new TV series, a new Nintendo DS game, and the Guy Ritchie film all turning up in less than a year (plus more to come).

hm, what shall I go to Comic-Con as? Part 2

hm, what shall I go to Comic-Con as?