Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Happy Finish
Quite funny.
[Watch it (again) on 4oD.]

[Watch it (again) on 4oD.]

Mad Men
3x13 Shut the Door, Have a Seat [season finale]
Another excellent closing episode from Mad Men, replete with moments to contest Don's declaration about having no contract (my favourite was Joan's return). It's also a tantalising 'cliffhanger', and with the new season set to begin Stateside in around three months I'm not sure I can handle the long slow wait 'til BBC Four/HD bother to pick it up.
[Watch it again in HD on iPlayer.]


50 Movie Titles That Got Lost In Translation by Simon Brew
(from Den of Geek)
I appreciate this was posted A Very Long Time Ago and it's on an awful website, but someone happened to mention it on twitter today. It's an expectedly daft but still rather amusing diversion, I thought. Look out in particular for China's version of Boogie Nights and France's (alleged) new title for The Matrix. Do feel free to share any other favourites in the comments.

Damages not expected to return by Mike Moody
Damages creator wants new season by Catriona Wightman
(from Digital Spy)
The first season of Damages was utterly brilliant, flawless TV. The second was a bit of a muddle. The third... could still go either way (it's just finished in the US, halfway through on BBC One, and I'm only on episode three still) All of which leaves me rather uncertain about whether a fourth run is a good idea: if it has and can hit the heights of its first season, more is definitely desired; but it's just maintained the second year's degeneration, then no thanks, put it out of our misery.

Sutherland says 24 movie script is ready by Mike Moody
(from Digital Spy)
Sutherland also hinted that the plot could possibly mirror the show's first season, giving Jack Bauer a personal crisis to deal with. "It doesn't have to be a bomb," he said. "It can be something personal that people understand."
Sounds like good news... but then they've said something similar before every season of the TV show for the last few years, so I'll believe it when we see it.