Wednesday, 5 August 2009


Harold Pinter: Celebration
Concluding part of Arena's acclaimed 2002 documentary/biography of the famous playwright.
Although it's very much a Part Two, not a second programme on the same subject, a shift in focus explains why it's not just one two-hour piece: it continues the first's chronological run through Pinter's life and works, but it is less straightforwardly biographical and a little more analytical, and turns away from Pinter's inspirations and internal life to discuss his public persona and the perception of him -- ironically, this in turn perhaps reveals more about the man than the first half managed.
It's an unusual documentary -- almost self-conscious, certainly more complex than an average biography or surface analysis -- but all the better for it. Certainly, I have a greater understanding of and interest in Pinter and his works than I did before viewing.

Dragons' Den
7x04 Episode 4
Clearly they've run out of Exciting Final Pitches, at least for now.
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Wildest Dreams
Part 2 (of 7)
I fell asleep a couple of times during this. I blame Nick Knowles. Though, to be fair, bees and bats hold absolutely no interest for me.
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The Lovely Bones Trailer
This looks brilliant -- a great director, a great cast, and stunningly beautiful too. Can't wait.


How is Merlin faring in America? by Ben Rawson-Jones
(from Digital Spy)
Interesting. Well, almost.

How the euro crept into Britain by Marie Jackson
(from BBC News)
Bloody Europe.

How vital were Cold War spies? by Gordon Corera
(from BBC News)
Answer: "Quite. Well, maybe. Depending on your point of view." So, definitive then.

And one piece that doesn't begin "How"...

Radiohead: Harry Patch (In memory of)
(from Today at BBC News)
"World War I veteran Harry Patch will be buried tomorrow. The former plumber, who fought at the battle of Passchendaele in 1917, gave a memorable interview to Today in 2005. Thom Yorke, lead singer of Radiohead, was moved by the interview to write a tribute to the veteran. The song can be downloaded from the Radiohead website -- all profits will go to the Royal British Legion."
Surprising. But good.