Monday, 27 October 2008


6x08 Infiltration
Goodbye Ros, you won't be missed (especially as you're bloody back by the next series).

Part 3 (of 3)
A messy, sloppy ending, packed with every twist the writer could think of, especially the ones that didn't make any sense.


My Quantum of Solace Film Season #2:
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (2007)
[#69 in 100 Films in a Year 2008]

DVD Extras

Departing Visions
(on Stay)
Slight featurette showcasing stories of NDEs -- Near Death Experiences. It's only faintly relevant to the film and lacks any form of analysis or objective scientific viewpoint, or even proper objective or biased religious ones. Ho hum.


Story by Robert McKee
Chapter 3 (pages 71-78)
Chapters 4 - 6
Chapter 7 (pages 135-154)


The 10 greatest sci-fi films never made by David Hughes
(from Times Online)
Some of these are genuine disappointments, others a bit "so what?"

The Men Who Were Nearly Bond
(from Empire Online)
48 men who were almost, but not quite, Britain's best spy (dominated by those considered / allegedly considered for Casino Royale). It includes many actors you've never heard of, many you have (Adam West!), and three who later were Bond anyway. History suggests we should look to that long list of rejects from Casino Royale to see who'll be Bond when Craig steps down. My money's on Henry Cavill -- he came close but was considered too young. He looks the part, could almost certainly play it, and by the time Craig's finished will easily be old enough.

And don't miss a whole load of Watchmen articles here.

Articles: Watchmen

Recent days have offered us the teaser poster, an extended trailer and Zack Snyder's thoughts on adapting, but today Watchmen earns its very own Articles post. Here's why:

Hopefully, the Last Word on Alan Moore and Watchmen by Arya Ponto
(from JustPressPlay)
Seems to clear things up to me, but I don't expect fanboy's uninformed reactions to change any time soon.

Jonathan Ross on Watchmen by Jonathan Ross
(from Times Online)
"Wossy on Watchmen" would've been a far better title. Still, it's a very good piece, more intelligent than most readers would expect of Wossy (especially after his appearance in the news today). "It is almost impossible to overstate the impact that its publication had on comics and their place in pop culture history," he states early on. Too true, Mr Woss, too true.

The rise and rise of Watchmen by Michael Moran
(from Times Online)
"The graph [below] was given to me by the very kind people at Amazon UK and represents their sales of the Watchmen trade paperback over the last year. The surge starts in early July, around the time that the gloriously exciting trailer for Zack Snyder’s big screen adaptation of the 23-year-old comic book was released." There's more to the article than just this graph, incidentally.

Click to enlarge
If that's the UK, imagine what the US one must be like! (Click to enlarge.)

Spike Scream 2008 Watchmen Clip
(from Watchmen Official Movie Blog)
Yep, it's the same extended teaser as the other day... only now it's in HD. For that, it's a must see -- or a must re-see.

Watchmen Poster Comparisons
(from Plasmic Studio)
At Comic-Con, they released a series of very cool Watchmen character posters. I only realised recently -- when my copy of Dave Gibbons' wonderful book Watching the Watchmen turned up, in fact -- that these were recreations of posters done to promote the original comic. That just makes them even cooler, if you ask me. This feature allows you to roll over and do a direct comparison. Sadly it only includes the six main characters (there's at least one more poster, maybe two or three), but it's nifty nonetheless.

Also, thanks to the official movie blog, I've discovered an extraordinarily hi-res version of that teaser poster. Mmm. Check it out here (it's a 2.6Mb jpeg!)

My Quantum of Solace Film Season

In case you've somehow failed to notice, Quantum of Solace, the 22nd official James Bond film, hits UK cinemas this Friday. I'm more than a tad excited (and considerably annoyed that I won't be able to make it to the first screening in my area thanks to a seminar), and to celebrate I'm having myself a sort-of mini-ish film season-thing. Which I have dubbed My Quantum of Solace Film Season. You might've guessed that from the post's title.

The selection process is quite simple: one film a day, each representing a different key member of QoS's cast, plus one for director Marc Forster; and, to comply with 100 Films' normal rules, all films I've never seen before. Well, that was the idea, but as with any good plan some changes have had to be made -- there's no film for Judi Dench, for example (well, other than a certain already-seen previous entry in the franchise), and I initially forgot Daniel Craig. Ha! Luckily I could switch him in for Jeffrey Wright by virtue of the fact they both appeared in The Invasion. Then there's a double bill to try to get (almost) everyone in, and a film I've seen before too. "Oops." (It was also entirely unintentional that all but the first and last films are from 2007.) Naturally, things come to a close with QoS itself on Friday, so thanks to only having thought of this plan yesterday my time to watch things is rather limited.

Anyway, you don't really care about all that. Here's the schedule:

  • Sunday 26th October: The Director
    Marc Forster's Stay.
  • Monday 27th October: The Villain
    Mathieu Amalric ('Dominic Greene') stars in The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.
  • Tuesday 28th October: The Girls
    A double bill for Bond's two new women. Gemma Arterton ('Agent Fields') stars in St. Trinian's followed by Olga Kurylenko ('Camille') in Hitman.
  • Wednesday 29th October: The Spies
    Daniel Craig ('James Bond', donchaknow) stars -- with support from Jeffrey Wright ('Felix Leiter') -- in The Invasion.
  • Thursday 30th October: The First Part
    As has been (very) widely reported, QoS is the first Bond-sequel, starting within an hour of Casino Royale's climax. As such, it seems only appropriate to watch the preceding film the night before. (I've seen CR several times but will be reviewing it anyway, in light of having seen QoS, if that makes any difference.)
  • Friday 31st October: The Point
    Ba-da, dum... ba-da, dum... ba-da ba-da-da! Phonetic renderings of iconic theme tunes aside, Bond is back! Hurray!

  • The exact order is subject to change depending on how readily I can get hold of the films (I only own two of the six), but that's the plan. Last time I tried to watch a film a day I failed miserably, so we'll see how this goes.