Saturday, 30 August 2008


Gilmore Girls
5x02 A Messenger, Nothing More

1x04 Episode 4 [2nd watch]

5x06 Hostage Takers Part 1
5x07 Hostage Takers Part 2
Presumably one of the reasons Spooks don't bandy their episode titles about is that they sometimes give the game away -- the twists at the end of part one are virtually nonexistent if you know it's going to turn into a hostage situation! On the other hand, part one is subpar across the board, so maybe it wouldn't've matter. Part two wasn't too bad though.


Beauty and the Beast (1991)
[3rd or so watch]
It's hardly a little-known piece of trivia, but Beauty and the Beast was the first (and, 17 years on, is still the only) animated film to be nominated for the Best Picture Oscar. Well-deserved it was too.


Review of Robot Chicken: Star Wars DVD by James Gray
(from DVD Times)
"Never, I would hazard to guess, has a single twenty-minute episode of anything been the focus of so much comprehensive coverage [but] it’d be daft to criticise a DVD for having too many extras [though] there's still a good argument to be made that no single episode is worth an entire DVD release"

100 Films on a Cover

Empire, not content with conducting a ludicrously huge reader poll to find the 500 greatest films ever made, have also roped in 150 (as yet unnamed) "key directors and producers" and "the world's most influential film critics" to have their say.

And Empire, not content with conducting a ludicrously huge reader poll and gathering the opinion of key directors, producers and critics to find the 500 greatest films ever made, have gone and created a "magazine milestone" -- 100 different covers for the issue featuring the list! In fact, it's 101, with the 101st being a subscriber-only cover that's currently secret. I'm currently quite glad that Empire's the only magazine I've bothered to keep up my subscription to.

I'm a bit of a collector and hoarder, but even I'm not made enough to fork out £150 to get all 100 covers. That said, at just £1.50 an issue it's a pretty reasonable deal, all things considered, and certainly better than the one Total Film offered when they did their 21 different Bond covers a short while back. Nonetheless, I'll surely try to get my hands on a few different ones, and here's my current pick of the bunch -- mainly, films I love that have especially cool covers, but also some that just look good.

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