Thursday, 23 September 2010


Family Guy
8x20 Something, Something, Something, Dark Side [season finale]
Having spoofed A New Hope (which, as I noted before, I watched before this blog began), the Family Guy team latterly turned their attention to The Empire Strikes Back. It's as hit-and-miss as you might expect, effectively retelling Empire with a bunch of non sequiturs and humorous criticisms thrown in.
The Family Guy version of Return of the Jedi, titled It's a Trap!, is due later this year. Wonder if they'll do the prequels...

Mock the Week
9x09 (23/9/10 edition)
[Watch it (again) on iPlayer.]

The South Bank Show
37x01 Andrew Lloyd Webber Revisited
aka The South Bank Show Revisited for the series' final run of ten programmes, which all (unsurprisingly) revisited past subjects. It aired back in March/April/May and I've had half of them on my V+ box ever since. About time I got round to them, I thought. So, um, I am...


The 33 Greatest Movie Trilogies by Helen O'Hara, Ian Freer & Alastair Plumb
(from Empire)
It's an odd list in places, which is what happens when you ask The Public, but not an uninteresting one.

A knock on Betjeman’s door by David Allen Green
(from The Staggers at New Statesman)
Why the CPS prosecution of Paul Chambers matters.
aka #TwitterJokeTrial. The appeal is tomorrow. And it really does matter.