Wednesday, 3 June 2009


3x09 Episode 9
In which Surprise Future Lady turns up and starts spouting cliches like there's no tomorrow. Ironically. Then there's the uncomfortable marriage of a light-hearted plot (for the first half of the episode) and a Dark And Serious one (for the second), which they keep trying to pull off and never works. And to top it off, a cheesy final shot of the Team Walking Purposefully to the leader's Motivating Intention Speech while the Dramatic Purposeful Motivating Music sores. Oh dear.
In summary: Primeval's writing really does stink this series.
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Robin Hood
3x09 A Dangerous Deal
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Anthony Head: The Buffy spinoff Ripper may still be possible by
(from Sci Fi Wire)
"May" being the operative word. It's a case of "believe it when you see it" -- which I sincerely hope we do.

Outpost Gallifrey & the Doctor Who Forum To Close July 31 by Shaun Lyon
(from Outpost Gallifrey)
Something of a surprise, the closing of the biggest/most popular Doctor Who site/forum. Several years ago the site's owner & creator, Shaun Lyon, had enough of running the place and half handed it on to new people. That made sense -- fair enough if you want to move on, let new people keep it alive -- but this move doesn't, really, which is why it's a surprise. But hey, look, he still wants you to come to his conventions!


Sam & Max: Season One
Episode 1: Culture Shock

I honestly can't remember the last time I played a computer game that wasn't something like Tetris or Solitaire. But I used to love adventure games and I've had this for a while, and with a new Monkey Island (always my favourite series) on its way next month, it's time to get back into the habit. Plus, as I have a Mac these days, I needed to get Windows running on here so I can play the darned thing. And I've managed it, though it's depressingly slow.

As for the game itself, it's a lot of fun -- which bodes well for the new Monkey Island as these are the guys behind that too. I really like this model of gaming -- a series of standalone chapters/episodes released over five or six months -- because it allows the more casual player to dip in and out, or effectively pay in installments, as well as allowing for a variety of stories to be told without the game seeming disjointed. Also, one of the reasons it works here is because each episode is a decent length -- at least, if you go round looking at everything and exploring every conversation path, which I always do because of all the good lines you can find tucked away in them. Certainly, I didn't complete this chapter in one sitting, and assuming they're all the same length that means a decent full-game-length amount of playability across all six chapters.

A success, then, which means I'm even more excited for Tales of Monkey Island...