Thursday, 25 September 2008


Friday Night With Jonathan Ross
15x02 (12/9/08 edition)


Zodiac (2007)
[#64 in 100 Films in a Year 2008]
Just ahead of the director's cut making it to UK DVD on Monday (at last), I've finally gotten round to watching the original version. I thought I ought to, really, as I own it and have the DC on pre-order, and especially as the latter's only five minutes longer (I guess it'll be #a when I finally watch it then). Brilliant film, by-the-way.


Overheard in New York by S. Morgan Friedman & Michael Malice
"Going Underground" (pages 138-172)


Another Way to Die (song) by Jack White & Alicia Keys
[40th listen]
While everyone else seems to be railing against this, it's grown on me and now I really like it. I imagine it'll be great in the film too. It's now been officially released -- it's digital download or vinyl only, so grab it from iTunes (not in the US til next month, ha ha!) -- and it sounds a lot better in full quality rather than via poor radio rips.


I Am Legend Prequel Moving Forward
Why? There's even less need than normal here -- the backstory was told in the film in flashbacks; we all know what'll happen at the end; and while the first film did good box office, most people were disappointed by it, surely meaning returning crowds will be down. I won't be surprised if this never really sees the light of day.