Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Charley Boorman: By Any Means - Sydney to Tokyo
Part 1 (of 6)
No detail on the preparation? No running vehicle count? No Russ accompanying? Have to say, so far, series two is lacking some of the first's charm.
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Generation Kill
Part 5 A Burning Dog
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Never Mind the Buzzcocks
23x06 (4/11/09 edition)
Winkleman's a poor host, of course, but this episode did manage to pick up once it got going.
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Ross Noble's Australian Trip
Part 6 (of 6)
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8x01 Episode 1
Over-written, over-directed, over-acted, and over-wrought -- makes for a distinctly underwhelming return for the spy series. Must do better, or the whole show should be retired.
(Incidentally, with episode titles now turning up on Wikipedia, I've updated all my entries for series 7. And, as predicted here, this is the first time I've watched an episode of Spooks on its first broadcast since 1x02 in May 2002.)
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Gibbons Gabs
Gibbons Galore
Nice interview with Watchmen co-creator/illustrator Dave Gibbons. In part one he discusses the film, its reception and the various cuts, while part is a general grabbag of broadly related topics.

new review at 100 Films

Eastern Promises (2007)
director David Cronenberg widened his appeal somewhat with the excellent crime thriller A History of Violence. Here he reunites with star Viggo Mortensen for another grim tale, switching the bright searing heat of the American Midwest for the rain-drenched nighttime streets of our fair capital. But despite some similarities in plot and theme, Eastern Promises failed to engage me in the same way as the earlier effort

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