Tuesday, 26 August 2008


Mutual Friends
1x01 Episode One
Not bad, though it does fall into the usual comedy-drama trap of not being all that much of either. That said, there were a few good laugh-out-loud moments. But it's too long at an hour -- 30 minutes would've suited it better.

1x03 Episode 3 [2nd watch]

The Tudors
2x01 Everything is Beautiful
2x02 Tears of Blood


Selections from the Avenue Q Soundtrack by the original Broadway cast
Since seeing this and getting hold of the music, I've been listening to the following tracks fairly regularly:
  • Everyone's a Little Bit Racist
  • The Internet is For Porn
  • My Girlfriend, Who Lives in Canada
  • There is Life Outside Your Apartment

  • Silent Cry (Deluxe Edition) by Feeder
    [3rd listen]
    Stand out tracks for me (so far) are:
  • We Are the People
  • Itsumo
  • Silent Cry
  • Who's the Enemy
  • Into the Blue
  • Articles

    Battlestar Galactica franchise steams ahead by Chris Talbott
    (from Mail.com)
    Long-ish article on two forthcoming Battlestar Galactica spin-offs (in spite of the series' falling ratings).

    A fall TV season with questions in the air by Frazier Moore
    (from Mail.com)
    "It's hard to make an argument that viewers are breathlessly awaiting ABC's fall season -- or any other network's... only 17 new series have been slotted for fall -- about half the usual number." General article about the state of US TV as it heads into the time of year when, traditionally, all their new shows start. It's quite an interesting analysis (yes, even for normal folks) handily broken down by topic -- including one on the number of international formats they've copied, many of them British.

    National Lampoon To Spoof Gladiator/300 by Chris Hewitt
    (from Empire Online)
    "Dear God, someone make them stop!"

    New Che Poster Online by Glen Ferris
    (from Empire Online)
    "Steven Soderbergh's epic Che Guevara biopic, which is going under the alternating titles ofChe, Guerilla and The Argentine -- what the final title will be depends on whether or not Soderbergh decides to run the movie in its full four-hour cut or split it into two seperate flicks." So, that answers that then.

    Rushdie anger at policeman's book
    Bodyguard apologises to Rushdie
    (from BBC News)
    "A former police officer has apologised to Sir Salman Rushdie for false claims he made in a book about the author." I came across the latter first, which (presumably for legal reasons) doesn't repeat the claims made. Thankfully, the first one helps explain things. (Incidentally, the latter article was called "Apology for Rushdie over claims" when I read it earlier. Why the change? Odd things do go on at the BBC News site...)

    Two More Riddick Films Coming? by Helen O'Hara
    (from Empire Online)
    Seriously? Chronicles of Riddick (which, all things considered, was badly in need of a subtitle) was four years ago already (seems longer) and hardly an unequivocal success.

    Warner 'sues over Puttar movie'
    (from BBC News)
    "Harry Potter maker Warner Bros is suing an Indian film company over the title of upcoming film Hari Puttar: A Comedy Of Terrors, according to reports." A bit like Fox suing over Watchmen, they've left it suspiciously late.