Monday, 27 September 2010


Law & Order: UK
3x03 Defence
Another strong and thought-provoking episode, though it might be nice to have an uncompromised happy ending sometime, just for once.
[Watch it (again) on ITV Player.]

The Rob Brydon Show
1x02 (24/9/10 edition)
No, I didn't forget to mention episode one, I just missed it because it wasn't put on Virgin's version of iPlayer (I have downloaded it though, so just need to get round to watching it now).
As for this edition... well, I like the programme in general, but it also confirmed that Mark Ronson is still irritating and largely devoid of discernible talent.
[Watch it (again) on iPlayer.]


Colin Baker: 'I'll never forget Doctor Who' by Justin Harp
(from Digital Spy)
"I've enjoyed immensely watching it [since the revival]. However when I left, the ratings were exactly the same, 5 to 6 million, as they are now... I know the television landscape has changed but it's ironic nonetheless."

Going Up River: Inside Apocalypse Now by Bill Hunt
(from The Digital Bits)
An interview with four of the people involved in the Blu-ray release of Apocalypse Now, which is out in a couple of weeks in the US (not seen a UK date mentioned yet). Page 1 is mainly about the remastering of the feature, while page 2 covers the extras, old & new. Interesting details for those who are interested.

SFX Whedon Special Previews by Dave Golder (from SFX)
Exploring Book’s Backstory
Serenity 2 Painful To Think About, Says Joss
SFX have a Joss Whedon-centric special out this Thursday, and their website is currently littered with previews of it. Here are the three that interested me most: some details on the next Firefly/Serenity graphic novel, which finally explores the mystery of Shepherd Book; Joss' thoughts on a Serenity sequel; and Anthony Head on the proposed British Buffy spin-off, Ripper, and why it still hasn't happened.