Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Doctor Who: The Writer's Tale - The Final Chapter by Russell T Davies & Benjamin Cook
Book One, Chapters 5-10

This is bloody addictive once you get going -- I was reading on-and-off for close to four hours to get through all that (some 160 pages), but the time just evaporated. And I still had to stop myself from just plunging on.

The one bit that grates, though, is the absence of script pages. There were tonnes and tonnes -- whole drafts of whole episodes, in fact -- included in the original hardback version. Here, Davies and Cook discuss them, but (for space reasons) we're no longer privy to reading the actual scripts. And because they're mentioning the existence of the pages ("Here are some more I've written", etc) and their content ("Oh my, that turns up", etc) it really draws attention to their absence. Shame.

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