Saturday, 21 June 2014


Troy (2004)
[#18 in 100 Films in a Year 2008]
[3rd watch]

Not the whole thing, and I didn't mean to watch it! I was flicking to see what was on, thought "that's a slightly odd advert"... and it turned out to be Troy. I remember liking it (see my review of the Director's Cut), but today it struck me as quite poor in almost every regard: the script, the acting, the direction and production values -- more Hallmark mini-series than big-budget all-star blockbuster. Game of Thrones looks more expensive, and that's not just down to 10 years of technical improvements.

Still, I got suckered in, and it does have good stuff -- the battles and fights are really well staged, if nothing else. And I watched it to the end from when I joined (a good 2½-3 hours, with ad breaks), so there's clearly something there.

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