Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Baftas: Lincoln leads but Spielberg snubbed
(from BBC News)

And a fair few well-deserved nods for Skyfall too. Whether it wins anything or not is another matter, but fingers crossed. The full nominations can be read on BAFTA's site, here.

Jersey retailer closes direct retail business
(from BBC News)

Bit of a surprise, this -- Play always seem to be doing so well. But it was also kind of inevitable, with the tax loophole closing, something Play was always based around.

Lots of misreporting around the web on this though: Play aren't being forced to shut down, they're choosing to, meaning you don't need to worry about outstanding orders or refunds; indeed, they'll be selling stuff until the end of March; and then after that, they'll still be there, as an ebay/Amazon Marketplace-style site for people to sell stuff through. Be interesting to see how long that lasts, with at least two so-obvious alternatives available.


French mourn Virgin's 'funeral march'
by Robert Plummer (from BBC News)

Interestingly different reaction to record store closures from our friends across the Channel. Perhaps they'll be more inclined to do something to stop the tax-dodging multinationals because of it.

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