Sunday, 3 March 2013


2000 AD #1772-1776


Judge Dredd Day of Chaos: Eve of Destruction, Parts 8-12 by John Wagner, Ben Willsher & Henry Flint
Age of the Wolf II She is Legend, Parts One - Five by Alec Worley & John Davis-Hunt
Nikolai Dante The Wedding of Jena Makarov, Parts 10-11 by Robbie Morrison & Simon Fraser
Nikolai Dante The Dante Gambit, Parts 1-3 by Robbie Morrison & John Burns
Grey Area Personal Space, Parts Two - Three & Xenophobia by Dan Abnett & Lee Carter
What If...? Max Bubba Hadn't Killed Wulf by Alan Grant & Carlos Ezquerra
What If...? Cassandra Anderson Hadn't Become a Judge by Alan Grant & Robin Smith
Flesh Midnight Cowboys, Parts One - Three by Pat Mills & James McKay
The Zaucer of Zilk Parts 1-2 by Brendan McCarthy & Al Ewing

The introduction to Age of the Wolf II implies it's a sequel picking up 10 years after the original, but the story itself seems to dive in among existing threads and characters. Either it's designed to throw everyone in at the deep end, or it's the usual 2000 AD trick of newbie-alienating. On one level it doesn't matter; on another, if it's the former then ultimately it should cover everything we need to know, whereas if the latter it might be best to just give in and go with the flow. Great art, at least.

Ever since I first saw the cover of The Zaucer of Zilk, and some of the interior art while flipping through the Progs when they arrived, I thought it looked like it would be awful. And it is. Or, at my kindest, I'd say it's not my cup of tea. Or as the strip would likely have it, it's zot zy zup of zea. (Bloody stupid thing.)

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