Saturday, 13 April 2013


Doctor Who
33x09 Cold War

After last week's misfire, this was a return to form. The studio submarine sets were brilliantly done, there were some great guest turns from Liam Cunningham and David Warner, effective effects (models!)... but best of all, the Ice Warrior -- he looked fantastic. So creepily used too, but also powerfully when appropriate.

Not everyone was enamoured with the episode, it would seem by reading some online reaction, but overall I thought it was very good. Mark Gatiss may be a huge fan and seem like a lovely guy, and he does great work on Sherlock, but his scripts for Who aren't always the sharpest. That said, even though I liked Night Terrors, this was probably his strongest effort since his first. One hopes it's not the last time we see the new-look(-ish) Martians...

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The Good Life
2x07 Going to Pot? [season finale]

The Voice UK
2x03 The Blind Auditions 3
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