Sunday, 8 September 2013

this fortnight on 100 Films

With very little to report last week, I thought I'd hold off and summarise a whole fortnight on 100 Films in a Year.

First up, we're now well into September, so here's a look back at August. This month's list of five is "adaptations that changed the book's title". I say "five" -- I got 11 examples in there. Hey-ho.

In regular business, two new reviews were posted this week (yes, "week" singular, because there were none the week before). They were...

The Cabin in the Woods (2012)
cabin-in-the-woods horror movie The Cabin in the Woods is as much a deconstruction, or even spoof, of the genre as an entry in it... This means it’s one for the genre literate
Read more here.

The Tempest (2010)
a radical-seeming interpretation of Shakespeare’s final play. The main character’s changed gender! There’s CGI being tossed about everywhere! It’s got Russell Brand in it! If that sounds superficial, it is. It's still set in the Elizabethan period, in Elizabethan dress, with a cast of mostly classical actors, enacted on an island that is admittedly a stunning setting but is nonetheless where the original play is set.
Read more here.

And new to the new blog this fortnight...

Mamma Mia! (2008)
As camp as a row of tents, disliked by critics, loved by audiences: Mamma Mia! is everything you’d expect from Abba.
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More next Sunday.

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