Sunday, 17 November 2013

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Six brand-new reviews were published to 100 Films in a Year this week, and they were...

Make/Remake: The Daleks’ Invasions of Earth
There’s little doubting that The Dalek Invasion of Earth is a minor epic. Where The Daleks struggled a bit to fill its seven-episode order, in six instalments writer Terry Nation takes us from an occupied, bomb-blasted London, to an attack on the Dalek spaceship, to a mine in Bedfordshire that’s digging to the centre of the Earth. Although made on Doctor Who’s typically tiny budget, the TV serial shines.
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Sean Connery as James Bond, Part 1
The name's Connery, Sean Connery, the star of the first five world-conquering James Bond movies...

Featuring reviews of Dr. No, From Russia with Love, Goldfinger, Thunderball, and You Only Live Twice.

And new to the new blog...

The Thief of Bagdad (1940)
one of the forefathers of the modern spectacle-driven blockbuster, packed with innovative effects designed to dazzle the viewer. One can only imagine how incredible the special effects looked to a 1940 audience. Today the flaws are obvious, but, surprisingly, not by much.
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