Sunday, 25 May 2014


Game of Thrones
4x06 The Laws of Gods and Men
4x07 Mockingbird

I've been trying to pace my viewing of GoT season 4 -- as you may remember, I started late, spurred on by spoilers and the attempt to avoid them; but I didn't want to catch up too fast -- how annoying would it be to watch three or four or five episodes in quick succession and then have to wait a full week between each further one?! And that worked...

...until now, because The Laws of Gods and Men -- and in particular its ending -- were so damn good that I couldn't resist ploughing straight on into last week's episode. While that didn't exactly tackle the things one might've expected it to, it had more than enough quality in its own right. GoT is always a great show, but it seems to be particularly on point this season.

So now I am at last fully caught up, and with exceptional timing: while all other TV-pace GoT fans are in the middle of a fortnight with no new episode, I'll only have a regular week-long break until the next. Huzzah!

Have I Got News For You
47x06 (9/5/2014 edition; extended repeat) [2nd watch]
I really noticed the extensions, which was nice.

4x02 Protected
[Watch it (again) on ITV Player.]

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