Friday, 28 February 2014


Brooklyn Nine-Nine
1x07 48 Hours
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How I Met Your Mother
9x04 The Broken Code
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The Last Leg
4x04 (21/2/14 edition)
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The Mentalist
6x09 My Blue Heaven

After Patrick Jane (spoilers!) murdered Red John in the previous episode, the series just continued the very next week in America, even though the entire series seemed to be over ("seemed" being the operative word) and this episode presents a "two years later" format reboot. Here in the UK, however, we've had a more respectful couple-of-months break, and I think it works better for it.

It's a relatively genteel way in, dealing with where the characters have been for the last couple of years and setting up why they might return (or won't) to something akin to their old way of life), rather than diving right in with "here's the new setup". Even by the end that isn't wholly clear: there's a kind-of-cliffhanger rather than fully establishing how the show will work from now on. Even though I know where it must be going, I wanna see what happens next now.

So the show still works, then.

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