Thursday, 3 February 2011


10 O'Clock Live
1x02 (27/1/11 edition)
It does feel a bit daft watching a topical news show a whole week late...
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Due South
2x10 We Are the Eggmen [2nd watch]

How I Met Your Mother
6x07 Canning Randy
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Harry Brown (2009)
[#13 in 100 Films in a Year 2011]


Life at 24 Frames a Second
Part 10 Fade to Black [final episode]
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Premier League TV football choice 'upheld' by EU advice by Bill Wilson
(from BBC News)
An article about football? What?! But no, this has a point, and potentially a wider relevance to other entertainment like film, books and music. I would try to summarise it, but you may as well just read it.

Russell T. Davies 'may leave Torchwood' by Morgan Jeffery
(from Digital Spy)
Well now, this could be interesting...

Why Americans Don't Play Superheroes by Borys Kit
(from Heat Vision at The Hollywood Reporter)
Following all the recent controversy over the casting of a Brit as Superman -- in the wake of so many other non-Americans being cast as US superheroes -- THR's Heat Vision blog looks at why this might be (albeit briefly; though split over two pages for maximum confusion). As one star's agent says, "I hate to say it: They’re better actors".