Sunday 4 December 2022


Mock the Week
21x03 (7/10/2022 edition)
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3x00 Happy New Year from David Tennant & Michael Sheen
Somehow I missed that this short seasonal special existed when it came out last year. Better late than never, eh? Plus I'm intending to catch the third series on BritBox over Christmas, so now's as good a time to catch up as any.
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Quatermass 2 (1957)
[#83 in The All-New 100 Films in a Year Challenge 2022]

I'd been thinking about watching one of the three-hour films I have left on my Blindspot list today. In the end, I only had time for one of the shortest films I could find on my "series I'm in the middle of" list. Ho hum.

this week on

Would you Adam and Eve it, we're already into the final month of the year! And that means it was time for's usual look backs at last month, starting with the general November review...

...and concluding with the list of films I failed to watch last month:

Additionally, on Thursday the results of the new once-a-decade Sight & Sound poll were revealed, so I wrote up a piece about that (to accompany the 2012 one from a couple of weeks ago)...

And I even published some reviews, too...

2022 | Week 34
- The Winter Guest (1997)
- Repeat Performance (1947)
- Carousel (1956)
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