Wednesday 5 April 2023


Doctor Who
2x34 The Death of Doctor Who
2x35 The Planet of Decision
aka The Chase Parts Five and Six.

Back in February, when I popped in The Collection: Season 2 - Disc 3 to watch the first part of The Rescue, I didn't intend to stick with season 2 for so long. I'd wanted to watch The Romans, and decided I may as well first watch the preceding two-parter that introduced Vicki; and when I realised The Web Planet came next, it seemed about time that I finally watched such an infamous story. Then I noticed I was within shouting distance of (a) the earliest Dalek story I'd not seen, which (b) was also Ian and Barbara's exit, and so it seemed only right to continue to that point. If I hadn't, I would've just gone off and found some other stories I'd not seen to watch next, so it may as well be these ones.

But now, I'm at the end of that. There is only one more story in season 2, The Time Meddler, but I only watched that fairly recently (almost three years ago, in fact, but that's "recent" in my perception of time), so I won't watch it again right now. But I might only skip ahead by one, because the season 3 premiere was Galaxy 4, and I've not watched the animated reconstruction of that yet...

Audio Drama

Hell Cats
1x06 Redemption and Revenge
[Listen to it (again) on Audible.]