Sunday 6 January 2019


Les Misérables
Part 2 (of 6)
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this week on 100 Films

With the new year only just underway, the past week at 100 Films in a Year has been almost entirely concerned with looking back at 2018.

First, the monthly progress report for December...

Then, three posts looking back over the whole year...

My Top 5 Most-Read New Posts in 2018
Last year, my top five most-viewed new posts were dominated by TV reviews, with no film getting a look in... This year, one film did crack the top five... Nonetheless, as this is supposedly a film blog, I’m still presenting the two separate top fives: first, which five sets of TV reviews attracted the most hits; then, which five film reviews were most visited.
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2018: The Full List
2018 was the biggest year of 100 Films ever in terms of films viewed, and by some margin: my previous highest total was 2015’s 200, but this year I made it all the way to 261. Throw in my Rewatchathon and I watched 311 feature-length films this year. This post is, as the title should suggest, a list of those.
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2018 Statistics
For today’s portion of my review of 2018, it’s one of my personal highlights every year: the statistics! For any newcomers among you, this is where I take the 261 films I watched for the first time in 2018 and analyse them in all kinds of different ways, and compare them to previous years too. It’s exciting, I promise. (Well, it is to me.)
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My best and worst of the year will (hopefully) follow soon. Meanwhile, in more regular business, there was my review of Christmas TV...

...and 1 new film review, too:

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie (2016)
Primarily, I think Ab Fab: The Movie is targeted at fans of the series, and isn’t really designed to stand on its own feet as an independent movie. I’ve only seen some of the TV show, and I think that was essential to understanding who all the characters were, how they were connected, and why they behaved in certain ways. Even then, I felt like there was stuff flying over my head because I haven’t seen all of the original episodes and/or because it’s been some years since I did watch any.
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And that's the lot! More next Sunday.