Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Adam Buxton's Bug
1x01 Episode One
1x02 Episode Two
Wasn't sure what I'd make of this -- Buxton can be very funny, but sometimes it just doesn't work for me -- but it's actually consistently brilliant. Shame it's buried away on Sky Atlantic.

London 2012 Olympics
Day Five
And there we go -- golds in rowing and cycling. Hurrah! Also in today's viewing: gymnastics and, as per usual, tennis and swimming -- where we got a silver too. Helps take us from 21st on the medal table last night to 11th tonight. Lovely.
[Watch loads of live coverage from the BBC.]


Lots to report today, so...

12 Gotham Newspaper Headlines During The Dark Knight Rises by Dan Hopper (from Jest)
New Alternate TDKR Poster by thefirerisesnolan (from Reddit)

Both of these are absolutely stuffed with spoilers, but if you've seen the film the newspaper headlines are funny and the poster is awesome. I'd include it below but, like I said, spoilersome. (In case you can't find it on that page (took me a bit), here's a direct link.)

BBC Two orders another series of Rev
Room 101 recommissioned for 13th series
(from The British Comedy Guide)

Fantastic news and pretty good news respectively, as far as I'm concerned. Just a shame Rev. won't be back until 2014 -- that's at least 18 months from now, and two-years-plus since it was last on! Madness.

The Doctor Daleks Danger!
(from Doctor Who official site)
A big new pic from the next series of Who, before a new trailer hits at 6am (8pm on the telly).

The Greatest Films of All Time 2012 by Nick James (from Sight & Sound)
Vertigo is named 'greatest film of all time' (from BBC News)
The Top 50 Greatest Films of All Time (from BFI)
On Writing My Top Ten For ‘Sight & Sound’ by Edgar Wright (from edgar wright here)

It's the film poll, and it only happens once a decade, and here's the new top 10 -- including a new #1! I won't go into all the details, but the various links above will. Worth noting, however, that the most recent film on the list is 44 years old. Should the debate be, is this poll still relevant when it only selects such old films?