Monday 5 March 2012


The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff
1x02 Episode 2
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Help! My Supply Teacher is Magic
1x05 Episode 5
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6x15 (2/3/12 edition)
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1x09 Episode 9

Watson & Oliver
1x02 Episode 2
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The Amazing Spider-Man #677 by Mark Waid & Emma RĂ­os

Daredevil #8 by Mark Waid & Kano

Two-part story in which Spider-Man and Daredevil team up to prove the innocence of one of Spidey's foes/friends. Good stuff, better than that continuity-laden DC pair-up I read yesterday. Both parts are by Daredevil's regular writer, which seems to have meant the tale primarily forwards the ongoing plot in Daredevil -- up my street, as I read that regularly and don't read ASM.